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Hello and welcome everyone to a new video, My name is Mouteih Chaghlil I’m the CEO of Bespin Global Middle East and Africa.

Today we’re gonna discuss a hot topic that a lot of our customers are asking us about which is “What is an MSP”?
MSP stands for Managed Service Provider and MSPs are engaged by businesses to manage their day-to-day operations for their IT infrastructure. In other words, let’s take that as an example a new startup launches a new mobile app that provides a certain service to their customers, it might be easy to manage the environment on a smaller scale but once the mobile app grows and more and more users are using it the exposure, meaning cyber security needs will increase also the availability and performance of that mobile app needs to stay in best shape all while making sure your cost is not going up because of that scale. So usually a business will either build a team to manage that solution or that service in the cloud with all of the required processes, tools, methodologies and talents or they’ll choose to go with a managed service provider.
Managed service providers have expertise in that domain, they’ve got the talents, they’ve got the tools, they’ve got the processes, the methodologies, and also the certifications and audits to make sure that when you’re handing over your business to them they have all of the right means to make sure that your digital service or application is up and running in best shape.
This requires day-to-day activities, whether that’s backup, security checks, antivirus, ransomware, patching and upgrading your system making sure everything is in line.
This is a continuous effort done by your MSP provider on your behalf.