What is an MSP? What is Not an MSP?

What is a managed service provider? What is Not a managed service provider?
Here are some talking points you can use with your client, prospects, and new employees. It’s important to know what is and is not managed services company. We dispel a lot of myths here.
Referenced download: The Nine Pillars of an IT Profession http://bit.ly/kp9pillars

Timeline –
00:00 What is a Managed Service Provider? What is Not a Managed Service Provider?
00:19 Talking points for your clients and prospects
01:47 There are many ways to be successful
02:20 Download The Nine Pillars document
02:33 It starts with maintenance
03:07 A Managed Service provider takes responsibility
04:02 What it means to take responsibility of client tech
04:50 Keep everything up to date
05:37 Business conversations
06:38 Recurring revenue
07:50 What is not managed services?
08:00 Not just a billing model
09:14 There are many legitimate businesses that are not Managed Services
10:23 Managed Services is not tool-based
11:33 The tools discussion is not about being a managed service provider
11:51 There is no such thing as “all you can eat”
12:45 Draw lines around what’s included and what’s not
13:12 Managed Service is not based on per-X pricing
14:59 Managed Services is a service model, not a billing model
15:33 Call to Action

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