We’re Rebuilding the WORST Team in the NFL – Ep. 1 | Madden Franchise Renovation Rebuild

We’re starting a Rebuild in Madden today, with a bit of a twist. I’m simulating 4 years into the future to take over the worst team in the league. Whomever it is, I’m giving myself 5 years to turn them around the best I can. Can we build a Super Bowl Champion out of the worst team in the league in 5 years or less?

0:00 – Intro/Explanation
4:56 – Worst Team Revealed
6:20 – Roster Reveal & Season Stats
10:20 – Offseason Begins
15:18 – Free Agency
27:00 – NFL Draft
38:31 – Preseason
43:46 – Year 1
1:10:10 – See ya next time

On my MrHurriicaneLP channel I make sports gaming lets play series. My series focus on building teams and players from sports like baseball and football. I play games such as Madden 23, NCAA Football 14, MLB The Show 22 and more.

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