Weekly ETF Market Evaluation & MAXLIST Review – Dec 11 2022

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ETFs on our list: ARKG, ARKK, ARKW, BBH, CLOU, ERX, FDN, FFTY, GDX, GDXJ, GLD, HACK, IBB, IBUY, IGV, IHI, IJH, ITB, IVW, JETS, KRE, MDY, OIH, PSJ, QLD, QQQ, SKYY, SLV, SLX, SMH, SOXL, SPY, SSO, TAN, TNA, USO, XAR, XBI, XEC, XHB, XLB, XLK, XOP, XLC, XLE, XLF, XLI, XLP, XLU, XLY, XME, XRT, and XSW. Scanning these ETFs to uncover strength helps us tune in to specific industry groups & sectors

In the MAXLIST Review, we are looking at: AAPL, AMZN, BABA, BIDU, FB, GOOGL, GS, MA, MSFT, NVDA, & TSLA We’ll find which are doing well and which may be currently out of favor. This is the MAXLIST; uniquely positioned, dominating franchise companies that can make huge moves!

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We are asked quite often what charts Patrick is using in these videos. The charts with the black background are Ensign Software. You can find more information about them at EnsignSoftware.com