Should I buy a franchise? How to buy a business.

When it comes to buying a business, is a franchise right for you? Buying a franchise comes with its own set of pros and cons. With a franchise, you get a proven business model, systems, training, and a recognizable brand name. However, you also have the ongoing expense of a franchise royalty fee. In many cases, the franchise royalty fee is equivalent to the salary of a store manager. In other words, it can be more difficult for franchise owners to become absentee business owners because the money is used to pay the franchise royalty fee as opposed to the owner of a non-franchise business who can use the money to hire a general manager, allowing the business owner to have more free time and be more hands-off with the business. Unless you own multiple franchises, you may need to be an owner operator at your business day in and day out if you choose the franchise route.
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