Owning A TruGreen Business, Q&A with Franchisee Johnathan Bell, Downlands | whichfranchise

“I chose TruGreen because I decided I wanted to do something for myself, start my own business.”

“The reason I looked at franchising, just to get some technical support as I knew a little bit about lawn care, but not enough about lawn care.”

“One of the reasons I chose ServiceMaster was, when I went to speak to ServiceMaster, there was a corporate feel. I recognised that they had an HR department, IT department, brand manager and that made me feel comfortable.”

“The reason that I chose ServiceMaster and TruGreen was the fact that there was a structure there that I recognised that could give me the comfort and support as I went through running my own business.”

“Having the support of all of the highly motivated support at ServiceMaster.”

“ServiceMaster facilitate us getting together to support each other.”

“When Covid-19 started in 2020, it looked like regional meetings a couple of times a year would stop and that level of support would disappear. But actually, we’ve moved a step forward by moving to MS Teams meetings and we now meet a couple of times a month.”

“It’s really good to run your own business, but have that support network where it’s a safe place where you can explore options and learn how to develop and grow your business.”

“I started a business over 5 years ago with a van, all the kit and no customers. Now I am sitting here today with over 250 customers.”

“A sustainable business that’s growing, demand is there, people want our services.”

“In the last year I have taken on a full-time employee who is salaried and a second van on the road to meet that demand.”

“I’ve been able to offer employment to a couple of people every year which I think is great and is really important to me to generate something that others can benefit from too.”

“I won the 2021 Great British Franchisee award which recognised the success I’ve had in growing my business and it’s nice it’s an external body that recognises what I’ve achieved over the last five years.”

Learn more about franchise opportunities with TruGreen here: https://www.whichfranchise.com/franchisorPage.cfm?companyId=2431

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