Outsourced Sales Management | Small business solutions to Sales Dilemma with Rene Zamora

Outsourced Sales Management | Small Business Solutions to Sales Dilemma// For small businesses that need a sales manager but are unable to attract the right talent, then an outsourced sales manager is what you need. Outsourced sales management is the solution for small businesses that need a strong leader in their sales team but are unable to offer the salaries expected.

In this episode of The Kind Boss podcast, Linh Podetti, founder of Outsourcing Angel, speaks to Rene Zamora, founder of Sales Manager Now and author of Part-Time Sales Management for Small Business Sales Team. Rene specifically helps small business owners find the right solutions for their sales dilemma. His sales outsourcing company was specifically founded because of his love for salespeople and his desire to facilitate sales team growth that resulted in lasting positive changes

In this interview, you will learn about:

· Outsourced sales and marketing strategies
· The effective role a part time sales manager can play in your business
· The benefits of outsourcing sales management
· Tips to improve small business sales

For more small business solutions, visit salesmanagernow.com.
Order Rene’s book-https://salesmanagernow.com/book-part-time-sales-management/ and learn how to lead your sales team effectively and efficiently.

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