Nestle Franchise Business in India | nestle ki franchise kaise le in Hindi

Though the company says through Nestle franchise, it intends to provide

(i) Self-employment opportunities to the people.

(ii) An option for those who want to take a quick bite at a hygienic place that serves tasty food.

Nestle has launched four different franchise models in India.

Nescafé Corner franchise model,

– Maggi Hotspot franchise model,

– Kit Kat Break Zone franchise model and

– a + Milk Booth franchise model

ONE Nestlé Experience is an initiative taken up by Nestlé in India to promote entrepreneurship & grow Branded Kiosks across select channels pan-India. Branded Retail Kiosk is a one-stop solution, which provides quick, tasty and hygienic food & beverage products to consumers with high emphasis on quality & food safety in an “out-of-home” environment. These kiosks are operated by franchisees under NESCAFÉ®, MAGGI®, KITKAT®, a+ brands and are called NESCAFÉ® Corner, MAGGI® Hotspot, KITKAT® Break Zone and a+ Milk Booth, respectively.

This initiative not only nurtures entrepreneurs and creates job opportunities for people, but also helps create memories for life. It is a platform where youth can start their own business and be part of the growing franchise family of ONE Nestlé.

The Nestle Franchise will cost you around 3 to 5 Lakh Rs. The nestle Company provides support to all their franchisee partners. Nestle Company offers nestle kiosk for entrepreneurs

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