Mytech Partners Makes IT Easy | Managed & Co Managed IT Service Provider in MN & CO

Managed IT – Made Easy
With the right IT partner, it’s possible!
Mytech Partners provides managed IT services for small and medium-sized businesses in Minnesota and Colorado. We’ll ensure your technology does what it needs to do, and we’ll work with you to develop an IT strategy that keeps your company’s goals in mind.

Peace of Mind – with Proven Results.
As a managed IT provider, Mytech offers comprehensive and fully managed IT services throughout Minnesota and Colorado that cover all of your support needs, from data protection to IT security solutions to cloud storage. With our managed IT support for small and medium-sized businesses, you can feel confident in your organization’s infrastructure.

You will achieve four times more value and productivity from your IT investments, thanks to intentional security solutions and a proactive IT roadmap from a strategic, collaborative partner who sees the big picture.

A managed IT provider that will keep you one step ahead.
With over 20 years in the small business IT support industry, we know the terrain, community, and products, and we know how to build solutions and processes that work.
Our managed IT support and consulting teams are each designated to specific clients – building familiarity with specific organizations, their team members, and their systems to achieve our 97% client satisfaction rate.
Our intentional and scalable processes unify our work, laying a bedrock of stability as we adapt to every new threat and challenge.

– Make sure your IT experience is as easy as it should be. Secure your data and grow your business with solutions and support from Mytech. Learn more at:

“Our goal at Mytech is to make IT easy for our clients. What we really want our clients to feel is that we’ve taken complex situations and concepts and business problems and translated it into something that was easy to consume for them.” – Lyf Wildenberg, CEO Mytech

“Having a partner like Mytech is huge. Mytech does a fantastic job of augmenting our staff and augmenting my team.” – JG, Mytech Client

“Mytech is in the service of service. I think that’s the biggest thing is – technology is what we do, but really serving people and serving businesses is what we’re about.” – Stephanie Kingslien, Marketing & Communications Manager at Mytech Partners

“When we say the phrase make IT easy. It’s not just a tagline. That’s what our clients need to feel from us. We want to take on an initiative or a project unless we’re absolutely confident that we can deliver it with excellence. We’re not going to do something ‘kind of’.” – Nathan Austin, VP of Business Development at Mytech Partners

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