Madden NFL 22 Review | Franchise fans finally have something to get excited for

The common refrain from those on the outside looking in at sports games is “it’s the same every year”. I’ve found that diehards generally don’t subscribe to that notion, and would rather pick apart an annual sports game on the merits of its new, if sometimes subtle, changes. However, the idea has rung true in one regard as it comes to the Madden series: the abandonment of Franchise mode. Going on nearly a decade since the last sweeping changes to one of Madden’s most popular modes, the wait has been agonizing, but it’s finally over. As a whole, Madden 22 is an inconsistent game, but Franchise is, at long last, the priority.

00:00 – What’s new in Madden 22
00:20 – Madden Ultimate Team
00:40 – Madden Franchise changes
01:28 – Upgrades and trees
01:41 – Next Gen Stats
02:00 – Madden training
04:25 – Dynamic gameday