IT MANAGED SERVICES – Putting your IT systems in good hands – PTL

Has your business grown faster than your IT team?

PTL’s Managed Services package provides comprehensive IT services and support to relieve you of burdensome technology matters. That way, you are able to focus on serving your own customers better and winning new ones.

Acting as a single point of contact, PTL’s team of experts is able to provide a wide range of technology-related services to reinforce your IT capabilities, fill technology gaps, and even collate the data you need to submit business proposals.

The Managed Services portfolio includes

 vendor management
 hardware support
 IT security
 data base administration
 server services
 business continuity
 and many more

PTL’s Managed Services package is tailored according to your requirements, no matter the size of your business or the sector in which you operate.

Whether it is to supplement an existing complement of in-house technology people, create timely support function or be your outsourced IT staff, PTL can help you in a cost effective manner. PTL offers a large compliment of full time professional ICT staff, trained and certified in a large multitude of disciplines. Our service provides for regular maintenance visits as well as a responsive callout service. With PTL, your company can have a large accessible IT team, all at an affordable price.