If You Own A Service Business You Need To Watch This

This video idea has been on my mind for quite a while, as I’ve observed so many changes in the industry over the last few years, especially with my own business. I’ve seen the service industry change drastically, and I wanted to share some of my perspective with you guys to help you skate to where the puck is going.

This whole conversation was prompted by a recent 1 on 1 coaching call we did with one of you guys through the Lawntrepreneur Academy. We had a really good 20 minute long rabbit hole conversation about competing with other companies and, where the future of our industry was headed. The gentlemen that I was bantering back and forth with couldn’t be more right, in my opinion.

I’ve seen how customer service and taking care of people right has been such a mindset and business shift in the recent years for service businesses. I’ve seen how becoming more “boutique” in a way, has differentiated my business from my competition where I live. I feel there is a new business model available in todays climate, and if you do it right, can lead to much high revenues, profit margins, and overall satisfaction with your own company. Hope you guys enjoyed this conversation!

Do you guys agree or disagree with service and quality being the new expectation that is expected from a lot of your clients? Do you guys feel the “$20 lawn care guy”, or the cheap small business owner style, is on the out? Let me know in the comment section down below!

THE TWO RESOURCES I MENTIONED (but forgot to plug)!!
The Pumpkin Plan
(Great book about elevating your business and how to take on new clients that are way more valuable to you, and how to prune clients that aren’t as valuable. Tons of great info, definite must read for small business owners!

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The Company Of One
This was a new release and an audiobook that I finished about a month ago, that was really insightful and helpful. It talks about the new way of becoming higher-end, more service oriented, literally boutique fashioned as a small business owner. Although not directly related to lawn care, the principles still carry over in a big way. It was absolutely a pleasure listening to this book, and thought it could help a lot of you guys out like it did for me.

Get it on Amazon:
(affiliate link)

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