How Resident Evil Village Captures 25 Years Of The Franchise

Resident Evil Village manages to encapsulate everything the franchise has attempted over its 25 years, from its highest points to lowest, in this one game.

Resident Evil has transformed, molded, and redefined itself over and over again. From its genre defining breakthrough in 1996, to the co-op Hollywood action packed Resident Evil 6, the franchise has attempted a lot of different things over the years — some more successful than others.

Over its 25 years, Resident Evil cemented the survival horror genre, revolutionized the third person shooters with Resident Evil 4’s influential perspective, and managed to bring survival horror back into the mainstream once again with Resident Evil 7. Village encapsulates all of that, and more, pushing the franchise into new heights while doubling down on everything from the series’ past.

In the above video, Kurt Indovina ties every element back to where it was previously introduced in the franchise. From Lady Dimitrescu to Resident Evil 3’s iconic Nemesis replicated with Lady Dimitrescu, to its convoluted lore with Mother Miranda, and its similarities to CODE: Veronica. While there’s plenty of similarities to Resident Evil 4, some aren’t as apparent as others, like the ghost dolls from House Beneviento, and its direct inspiration from RE4’s unreleased prototype codenamed the “Hallucination” version, which featured creepy porcelain dolls that protagonist Leon Kennedy had to fight.

Watch the video to hear how Resident Evil Village managed to staple together 25 years of Resident Evil.

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