How Franchising Works: PART 2 – Franchise Model Simplified

“The Brave Pioneer and the Two Mountains” is a SIMPLE explanation of how franchising works, delivered tounge-in-cheek by Franchise Consultant Kim Daly, in the style of a children’s story. Be sure to watch Parts 1 and 3!

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As a veteran franchise consultant with nearly two decades of experience in helping people invest in franchise businesses and change their lives, it has become clear to me that many people don’t have a clear understanding of HOW franchising works and WHY it’s such a smart business endeavor. Be sure to watch all three parts of my amazing and hilarious animated explainer!

Here are some of the questions I’ve heard over the years:

“Why would you buy a franchise instead of starting your own business?”
“How do you become wealthy through franchising?”
“How do you make a franchise brand your own?”

What I’ve found, is that explaining even a relatively simple concept like franchising, can go right over peoples’ heads! SO, I’ve taken it upon myself to create the most SIMPLE metaphor for franchising I could… and then present it in the format of an animated children’s story that WILL make you laugh!

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