Here’s How To Obtain an E-2 Visa To Own a Franchise

If you’re seeking to own a business in the United States but you’re not currently an American Citizen, Franchise Frank Caperino shares the important info you need to obtain an E-2 Visa!

Investing in a franchise can be a smart strategy for not only obtaining an E2 visa, but for ensuring that you launch a successful business in the United States.

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0:00 For those looking to obtain an E-2 Visa to become a franchise owner in the United States fo America, there are a number of steps to the process. Thankfully, there are people like Franchise Frank Caperino who are seasoned veterans, and can guide you through the process of getting your the E-2 Visa!

06:20 How much money does it take to open a franchise business in the USA?

“You have to know what the immigration attorney likes. Sometimes they like only $100,000, sometimes they want $250,000 spent. Because you know what an immigration attorney is? He’s an RFP proposal writer. That’s what he does. He writes the proposal to the State Department and some get like you spend $100,000, some money, you spend $250, and then I have to interview all the franchisors and see who likes E-2 Visas. They don’t all like it because the paperwork is harder, it takes longer, but the demand is there.”

Do you need to get an immigration attorney in order to get an E-2 Visa?

“Usually they pick their own immigration attorney and then he refers them to. Me if I already know that immigration attorney. But they can go the other way, too, if they’ve seen this come to me, because I know at least ten I work with all the time and I can even match your language. The immigration attorney, they have to show a commitment. In fact, sometimes my franchisors don’t like it because if the immigration attorney does his work, which I don’t suggest him to do it perfectly, he puts that check that they write to the franchisor in escrow. So in other words, the check shows the commitment to the State Department for the franchise fee, at least. And but that money is not going to be released to the franchisor and hopefully that part of it to us until the immigration visa is finished. Right? But people like the Budget Blinds family, you know, Home Franchise Corporation, is just amazing. They’ve worked with us for ten years or more. So I tried to do something like that and tell the person it’s not that expensive. They’ve been around 25 years. They advertise nationwide. This is the one you want to start with. And if not, we have other ones. I have at least 20 people that do it too. And you know them also.”

13:10 Do you need employees in order to obtain an E-2 Visa to open a franchise?

“You need two employees to get an E-2 Visa. So I said, where I have a 1099 cleaning guy and I have a 1099 repair guy, make them your employees! So I even get them excited over things they wouldn’t even think about doing.”

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