Franchise Hockey Manager 8 | New York Rangers Rebuild | Episode 1 | Home Grown Challenge

Franchise Hockey Manager 8
Welcome everyone to a new challenge in Franchise Hockey Manager 8!

Inspired by the USA Miracle in the Olympics where they managed to win with boys against men
Goal is to build around young talent and develop them. Guide the New York Rangers to success they have not achieved in decades! This will

Home Grown Challenge rule:
-Develop young players through the draft and trades
-Can not acquire a player over the age of 23 unless drafted or developed by New York Rangers
-If the player is developed or drafted by the Rangers, they can be reacquired at any point.
– Any current players on the roster have to be trade if they don’t fall under these rules
-If they can’t be traded they must be given up on waivers or used as a healthy scratch until they can be traded

Thank you all for watching!!