Franchise Financing Options for QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants)

Franchise Financing Options for QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants)

Question: I am buying a franchise. It is a QSR “Quick Service Restaurant.” It does not appear to be on the approved SBA financing list.

Any other options that you can let me know about? The total cost between the franchise fee, equipment, and tenant improvements is about $300,000. My credit score is good 730 plus, I have a w2 job which I will keep for the next several years. I have about $100k liquid and $100k in a 401k.
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[00:05] Beau introduces this episode’s Q&A session with Bill Davis.
[00:18] Go to to ask other questions
[01:05] Is it okay to buy a franchise that is not on the approved SBA directory?
[01:11] Equipment financing deal with tenant improvements as an option for Quick Service Restaurants
[02:05] Can you use unsecured term loan?
[02:15] How to get 25K to 450K depending on your credit profile
[02:20] Ways that we can layer and stack the franchise acquisitions, approved by SBA or not

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