EBAY MANAGED PAYMENTS 2022 | Everything You Need To Know | eBay Selling Fees EXPLAINED

The new eBay managed payments will come into effect from mid 2021 for many eBay sellers, In this video i will discuss everything you need to know about the eBay selling fees that you will need to be aware of, in this video, everything will be explained for the changes in 2021. I signed up to the eBay managed payments myself in December 2020 and I wanted to share my thoughts and research on how this will affect all eBay sellers. As a full time seller on eBay, this is a very important change to the eBay platform. I have done a lot of research on this topic, and I have broken down everything that every seller on eBay will need to know within this video. If you have not already signed up to the new eBay managed payments make sure to watch the whole video even if you have signed up the the eBay managed payments be sure to watch the whole video just in case there are some things you are not aware of. I will be touching on topics like how eBay will be changing the selling fees that you currently pay eBay right now, for different categories that you might be selling in and how this differs from Paypal fees. There will no longer be PayPal fees any more that sellers on eBay used to pay for the sellers that will sign up to the eBay managed payments. I will also be discussing which items are prohibited under this new eBay managed payments system. I will be going into details of how these new changes will affect most eBay sellers.

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Time Stamps
0:00 – Intro
2:52 – What Is Managed Payments?
3:30 – Will everyone need to use it?
4:33 – Do sellers need to do anything?
5:30 – Sign up using your bank account?
6:45 – How will fees now work?
7:14 – Prohibited Items
8:33 – Checklist (Pre Registration)
9:56 – Checklist (After Registration)
11:30 – Outro

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