D’Angelo Russell is the KEY to the Minnesota Timberwolves Success!

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The Minnesota Timberwolves flexed their immense potential during the 2022 NBA playoffs when they pushed the 2-seeded Memphis Grizzlies to 6 games! However, D’Angelo Russell mightily struggled against against Memphis and he even got benched by Chris Finch in the closeout game 6. Fans questioned if the Wolves should trade Russell, as he’s yet to improve since arriving to Minnesota. So let’s recap how we got here by exploring Russell’s days with the Golden State Warriors and then analyzing what’s gone wrong so far in Minnesota… All I know is that the Wolves have immense pressure to be great in 2023…They acquired Rudy Gobert via trade from the Utah Jazz, and Anthony Edwards is expected to make a superstar leap…So the Wolves need D’Angelo Russell to play like D’Angelo Russell, or else this whole experiment might blow up in their face!


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