Cisco Virtual Managed Services

Virtual Managed Services:

Cisco Virtual Managed Services (VMS) is a software solution portfolio that enables a set of secure end-to-end cloud services overlay solution that enables you to delivers virtual services seamlessly, cost-effectively and on-demand to remote sites, users and businesses. It simplifies and automates both building and delivering new services, such as security, unified communications, video and more to both existing and new customers, either in-house (Enterprise IT to new workers/sites) or external (Provider to Enterprise or SMB), inclusive of SLA requirements.

Additionally it allows for easy on-boarding of new services or 3rd party services via new tools and a simple graphical portal, which is centrally managed in a highly secure Cloud, delivering end-to-end visibility and identity, inclusive of permissions, to all end-connections/devices. End-Users (IT/Sites) or Customers and Partners (SMB, Enterprise) can easily access this via their end-user web portal that allows for management and monitoring of existing services and also makes it easy for purchase and activation of new and additional services as required, on-demand at the click of a mouse.