Choosing A Franchise Lawyer For Your Business

Franchise Attorney Jeff Goldstein discusses the three issues to consider when looking to purchase a franchise, or issues that you may be having with your franchisor.

The first are the types of matters that the types of matters that a franchisee lawyer handles on a daily basis. The second, the types of services that our firm would be able to provide to you. The third is how to choose a franchise lawyer.

In terms of the types of matters that we see on a daily basis, we can look over the issues that we have encountered over the last 30 days. The first is post term covenants not to compete, these are clauses in a franchise agreement that will restrict a franchisee once their franchise agreement has expired from selling or marketing certain goods that their provided as a franchisee. Next we see antitrust issues, regarding whether the franchisor can restrict a franchisee’s ability to sell at a reasonable price, or if the franchisor requires that the franchisee purchase services or goods from a specific source.

Having a franchisee lawyer is more important now than it was 5-10 years ago, as over time franchisees have been losing many many rights that they once had. A franchisor can update their system standards manual and impose changes that would require the franchisee to update the look of their store. It is important to find a franchisee lawyer who has the expertise for your case, the experience, focus, and most importantly, that they are a lawyer who only handles franchisees. Many franchise lawyers handle both sides of the legal issues that come with franchise law. At the beginning, you will want to ask the lawyer if they represent both franchisors or franchisees, or if they are a dedicated franchisee attorney.

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