A Foolproof Guide to Buying a Mobile Franchise


Franchises are brick and mortar locations


There are different business models when it comes to franchising. One model is brick and mortar – where people come to you. Our favorite is the opposite. A mobile model where we go to the people.

The reason we like this model so much is that it gives you a lot of flexibility, especially as you’re getting started with a franchise. It may take a long time to find the perfect brick-and-mortar location, as well as the time to build it out. With a mobile business, you’re on wheels and can ramp up very quickly.

It also usually means much lower overhead, because you’re not paying for rent. And you never have a bad location, because if you do, you’re on wheels, and you just go somewhere else.

After being in fixed locations such as malls and airports, we decided to go mobile. Literally. We asked our franchise if we could beta test a food truck. They said yes. And it worked amazingly well.

Bringing your business TO the people is a game-changer.

While it used to be just food trucks, now many different franchises are catching on to the concept and adding a van-based or mobile option to their business models. Pet care, auto care, bicycle repair, exercise equipment repair, even flooring and more are just some of the franchise concepts going mobile.

If you’ve decided you want a van-based or mobile franchise, you’re certainly not alone. Here are some concepts to consider.

1. Mobile Food Franchises
2. Home service/improvement franchises
3. Auto repair franchises

Different franchises will have different answers to these questions, so make sure that you shop around, find out what each franchise is offering and make a final decision as to which franchisor is the right option for you.

Or better yet, before you are totally overwhelmed, contact us and let us do a FREE search of mobile franchise businesses available in the area you are interested in.


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