30 Midas Franchise Acquisitions – Top M&A Entrepreneurs: Brian Beers

Jon talks to Brian Beers about his Midas Franchise Acquisitions

Show Notes
00:00 Intro Now 30
00:45 How he got into franchise business
03:13 How he operates above the business
04:38 What are the Average Sales of a Midas Franchise
06:19 Salaries in a Midas Franchise
06:49 What are Midas Franchise Fees?
07:39 Do you own real estate?
08:40 What is multiple of Midas Franchise?
10:20 How to fix a money losing Franchise
11:50 Why is it always the management
12:04 What are economics of well run franchise
14:20 How does he finds a Midas Acquisition
18:08 How does he finance and negotiate his acquisitions
22:31 Does he have a growth acquisition goal – constraints
25:00 Holding Co example Head Office Roles
26:30 30 Midas Holding Co. Multiples
27:54 Working with his brother
28:44 Board of Directors – (Dad)
29:52 Any acquisitions outside Midas?
32:58 Is the 10% franchise fee worth it?
34:34 How do the Franchise Market Dev Funds work?
35:09 What marketing works best for a Midas shop?
37:40 What if the demographics change for Midas location?
39:15 Any trends with EVs?
44:28 What is hardest part to integrate a new Midas Acquisition – Culture
46:46 Career path for managers?
48:22 Does he like/dislike turnarounds – acquiring distressed franchises
49:33 Can he add new products to Midas services – or Process Innovation


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