Tips For Planning A Wedding Budget

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Let’s face it, some of us are born budget geniuses that could plan a wedding without raising a sweat. Some of us struggle to spell budget let alone make one. Most of us are somewhere in-between, and these wedding tips are for those of you in the last two categories.

Whether you are getting married in one of the beautiful wedding venues in Auckland New Zealand, or somewhere else equally charming, you need a budget for your wedding.

For many this will be the biggest event they ever plan and also the most expensive. Without a wedding budget, a couple can begin their life together in more debt than they can handle.

Top 3 Wedding Budget Tips

Here are 3 hot tips when preparing your wedding budget

1) Decide what is most important to the both of you and make an ordered list. Food, venue, cake, invitations, alcohol, photography – it all costs money and you need to know what you cannot skimp on and what does not need to be fancy.

Note that with the recent global financial crisis and the new tax system in place in NZ, the cost of goods and services in NZ has increased quite a lot in the past year. If you have not reviewed prices in Auckland for some time and you are planning to get married there, I suggest checking with suppliers to make sure you are still within your budget.

2) You need to have two numbers in mind. The budgeted amount of money you are planning to spend and the “no-go” number which you will under no circumstances spend more than. Having these two numbers will help keep you focused in your spending.

As per the above, you will get less for your money in Auckland in 2010 than you would have in previous years. Be aware of this when setting your budget limits if you are getting married in Auckland.

3) Get married in the off-season. It’s kind of a no brainer but seriously, some people are way too attached to the idea of a summer or spring wedding. I got married in winter and it was great – nobody got too hot and everyone had sufficient attire to stay warm. Of course it helps if you are getting married in a place that has a moderate climate like the wedding venues in Auckland, New Zealand.

In closing

Newly wed’s want to look forward to a lifetime of love, opportunity, optimism and fulfillment. These concepts are a lot harder to focus on when the first few critical years are spent paying off an overly expensive wedding (along with all the interest). So be sure to use the above wedding budget tips and move confidently towards the happy ever after.