5 Eco-Friendly Beach Wedding Tips

Breaking away from traditional plans, many men and women these days are choosing to get married at their favorite beach destination. Although the wedding preparation routines are similar, you can still go green for the planet, and the results will have a positive environmental impact.

To go natural, here are the top five eco-friendly beach wedding tips to consider as you plan your destination wedding.

1. Rather than throwing rice or other objects at the bride and groom, why not equip everyone in the bridal party with nontoxic soap in containers so they can blow bubbles at the smiling couple as they walk past? Alternatively, have everyone toss organic bird seed at the newly married couple.

2. In the restrooms, use terry cloth towels and natural soap, or paper towels that have been recycled.

3. For table decorations or for lining the walkway to the altar on the beach, why not use potted plants or flowering plants? After the ceremony, the gets can take the plants back to their rooms to enjoy them. On the other hand, if your guests are flying out the next day, then think about renting the plants. Either way, you’ll be helping the environment.

4. Before the wedding when the bride is deciding on which dress to buy, have her consider a natural fiber dress rather than one made of chemicals and harmful dyes.

5. Plan your wedding reception to be outside on the beach and place recycle bins in the area for guests to use. You’ll be helping the planet by using natural resources like the sun rather than going indoors and using unnecessary air-conditioning, lights, and fans.

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