Tips and Ideas For Creating Wonderful Memories

A fun wedding trend is hosting a wedding with a theme. Wedding couples across the country are thinking of ways to create an unforgettable ceremony and reception. Creating a theme adds your personality to the celebration’s look and tone. It can be as decorative, modern or traditional as you prefer. It helps build continuity throughout your planning so it easier to make decoration, location and program decisions.

Fashioning A Theme
Ideas for a theme are often selected based on your personal tastes, preferences and about how you want your wedding remembered. Choose your theme as you start its planning so the location, decorations and apparel are coordinated. Reserve time for a brainstorming session with your fiancé to discover what appeals to each of you. It could be as simple as a color combination, graphic symbol or a pattern like tropical plants or stripes. It could be a shared memory, such as a European adventure or how you met while learning a sport or attending a friend’s holiday party. You may even consider a quote or music to inspire your selection. Next, let your imagination loose as you apply the theme to two areas, such as the cake and invitations, or to as many as your budget allows. Some couples may decide to extend their theme by accenting it with costumes, food, and actors. It can even be used to plan a destination wedding so the theme is the location. No matter what your plans, make sure you are both comfortable and capable of implementing it based of your available time and money.

A Few Ideas
If devising a theme seems like too much effort, think again. A wedding near a holiday has its benefits – family plans are sometimes easier to coordinate around a holiday and the holiday can lend its theme to your wedding. For example, Christmas or Valentine Day make planning easy since decorations are in ample supply in most stores. Do you love history? Pick your favorite time period as your theme. Are you a lover of animals – why not have a butterfly or snow tiger themed event. Are you known for as a collector of wines or traveler to favorite locations, such as an old movie theater or wild flower garden? Ideas are everywhere you go.

Easy Decisions
A themed wedding might sound like more work, but it will actually make your decisions much easier. Why? There are so many wedding options available, that your theme focuses your attention. You will probably devise new ideas for your wedding as you work, drive and daydream. Imagine – instead of looking at all flowers, invitations and dresses, you will automatically screen out a myriad of colors and designs that do not fit your theme. The best choices are more obvious.

Engaging The Theme
Planning usually starts next with a venue and then invitations. When guests receive their invitations, the tone and style is set. You then carry your theme throughout the rest of your plans. Have fun and be creative! If you decided to host a Hawaiian wedding, aside from the tropical beach decorations, accent the event with one or two unexpected gestures that will delight. Your guests can be greeted at the reception with leis over their neck and sandals on their feet. Hawaiian dancers, island music, surfboards and a volcanic drink fountain will keep your guests entertained.

Creating a unique theme will not only make your wedding stand out, but it coordinate your decorations, favors, menu, dresses, bride bag and other items and will give it personality. Celebrate your love and remember to have fun – the ultimate theme is your love, values and faith in each other.

How To Choose The Right Wedding Ceremony

bride-and-groom-at-receptionA wedding between two people although it can be religious, is also a legal contract that both partners agree too; the ceremony has seen a large change in attitude over the last decade. Whatever the background and history to marriage, it is still a legal union between two people; until the marriage certificate is signed by the bride, groom and witnesses, the ceremony is not finalized. The man getting married is called the groom or bridegroom to give him his full title and the woman the bride; once they are married they known as the wife and husband.

Church Ceremonies

As soon as you look outside of your own race, religious and social group, the wedding tradition can become very complex. Performed by a Christian priest or vicar, the Church ceremony continues to be top of the list as a venue. These ceremonies are usually referred to as white weddings and are considered formal or semi-formal in the United Kingdom, Ireland and United States, as well as some other Commonwealth countries.

Double Weddings

Although unusual a double marriage is a where two couples are married at the same time; this often happens where a person has a brother or sister that decides to tie the knot at the same time and it is not unheard of for two brothers to marry two sisters this way.

Weddings in a Foreign Country

When some couples decide to get married in another country, they are known as destination weddings; whether this happens for an intimate beach ceremony in the Caribbean, or extravagant nuptials in Las Vegas, it will qualify as a destination wedding.

Activity weekend Weddings

A weekend wedding is where couples and their guests celebrate over the course of a weekend. Those with a themed element can also be very successful and the activity can be either built into the day or over the course of a weekend. Lodging is usually at the same facility and couples often host a Sunday brunch for the weekend’s finale.

Online Marriages

Although it has not really caught on yet, a few bold and different people have decided to tie the knot online but it may be sometime before this style of wedding really becomes more popular; There are already a number of companies based online can help you find out more information about his unusual type of ceremony. Marriages that are broadcast live online are also referred to as online weddings.

Town Hall Services Elected and appointed officials can carry out a marriage ceremony which is usually called a civil wedding. Although it may sound clinical, civil ceremonies usually make no reference to God. Many civil ceremonies take place in local town or city halls or courthouses in judge’s chambers.

If you live in a Christian country then you will recognize many of these wedding traditions but there are many more types of ceremony available around the world.

Tips and Decoration Ideas For Outdoor Weddings

With the beauty of Mother Nature as your background, there’s nothing quite like an outdoor wedding. But don’t assume these natural settings are a breeze to plan. Here’s your guide to planning a flummox-free, al fresco wedding.

Outdoor Theme Weddings – Things to Consider:

Who will officiate –

Some officiants will only perform ceremonies within a house of worship, so you’ll need to check with yours in advance before planning your ceremony outside.

Inform your guests –

Guests need to know they’re attending an outdoor wedding so they can dress appropriately. It’s also a good idea to send weather information to out-of-town guests who may not be familiar with the climate.

Be prepared –

Combat potential outdoor issues by having the following items on hand:

Bug spray
Water bottles
Paper fans
Cell phone
Tissues/paper towels

Securing your Outdoor Location –

For an outdoor wedding, the draw is the setting, so finding the right spot and coordinating the event around it is the most important task on your to-do list. Your setting options are as limitless as the great outdoors itself. But before getting your heart set on a specific spot, these are some key questions you’ll need to ask:

Is There Privacy?

Keep in mind that if your location is a public space – or even near a public place (like a street or sidewalk), you may have to contend with onlookers. Try to reserve your space in a secluded spot to prevent unwanted guests or distractions.

What’s The Backup Plan?

Obviously you’ll need a plan in case of inclement weather. If your location doesn’t have indoor facilities to accommodate your event should the skies open, you’ll need to rent a tent.

Can You Hear?

Will guests have to compete with roaring waves, gusting winds, honking cars, or screaming children to hear your vows? You may need to rent a sound system and lavalier mics for the officiant and yourselves. Your band or DJ should be able to provide this for you.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas

When it comes to pulling off perfectly styled theme weddings, it’s all in the details:

Decor Elements

Let the setting speak for itself – don’t compete with Mother Nature; rather, subtly enhance your background – whether a sandy beach, blooming garden, or thick forest – with a complementary color palette and décor elements.
Natural elements – depending on your setting, natural items like shells, pinecones, berries, vines, leaves, and grasses provide great décor inspiration.

Blooms – an outdoor wedding calls for flowers that can brave all sorts of weather. Look for sturdier blooms like mums, alstromeria, calla lilies and sunflowers.
Style – keep your containers and arrangements natural looking, as an intricately designed, elaborate pedestal centerpiece in a tall candelabra just doesn’t fit. Instead, use loose arrangements in urns, wooden boxes, crates, or pails.
Keep it simple – even an elegant outdoor wedding calls for simpler fare that can withstand varied temperatures, so avoid items like mayonnaise or dishes which must be served cold. If yours is a casual affair, consider a traditional outdoor barbeque.
Keep guests refreshed – especially if your outdoor wedding will take place in a warm environment. Have plenty of ice and water, along with teas or lemonades. Alcoholic beverages like sangria, mojitos, or mint juleps will also keep your guests refreshed.

Make it last – wedding cakes can melt outside. Opt for fondant icing over buttercream, which doesn’t keep well in heat or humidity. Stay away from mousse and ice cream cakes.

Dare to go casual – outdoor settings allow for breezy fabrics and shorter hemlines
Do elegance right – you can still plan a formal dress code, just consider what’s best suited for sun, sand, or grass. Lace and organza are good outdoor fabric options.
For the Girls – Silhouettes – you may want to forego the giant ball gown skirt. Instead, stick to a romantic empire or a-line. (same goes for your bridesmaids) – Hemlines – Keep your hemline clean from the grass or dirt. Consider going knee- or tea-length. Or raise a floor-length gown it to the ankles or at least a half inch higher than you would for an indoor wedding. Avoid a train. – Shoes – Opt for a wide, flat heal, as stilettos may sink into the ground.
For the guys – Unbuttoned affair – consider losing the tux and dressing the guys in khakis and sport jackets or crisp oxfords. – Neat in back – if they do wear a tux, get a vest with a full back – which will look better when their coats are off.

Keep ’em cool – personalized paper fans are both decorative and functional
Keep love blooming – with packs of flower seeds
Plant it – give miniature potted plants or herbs
From the sea – if yours is an outdoor beach wedding, give bags of shells, sand dollars, sea stones or sea glass – decorated with your monogram

A Time-Saving Wedding Tip

Designing your wedding invitation can be a lot of fun, and many brides really enjoy choosing the pieces that go into their invitations. While you are ordering your wedding invitations, think about how many thank you notes and other stationary items you may need. It can be convenient (and often save you time and money) to take care of everything at once. Some things to think about ordering together include:

Wedding invitations. It goes without saying that your wedding invitation is the piece you will design first. Whatever style you choose will set the tone for your wedding. Choose a pattern that will work well in different pieces or has accent colors you can play off of in your other stationary.

Save the Date cards. These cards are usually sent out before anything else. When you are thinking about your wedding guest list, you will most likely have a group of people you know you’ll want to invite. Go ahead and get your Save the Date cards ordered (and get some extras just in case you want to send more out later).

Stamps. It can be easy to overlook stamps until you get ready to mail everything. Instead, order traditional or personalized stamps online ahead of time so you are ready when the stationery arrives!

Maps or directions. This may be maps to your wedding, reception, a hotel or all of the above. Provide the information your guests need to be able to get to and from your events and they will thank you for it.

RSVP cards. In you have RSVP cards, they should capture the number of people who will be attending from each household, and a food preference (if you are offering meal choices). Also, you’ll want to include a self-addressed and stamped envelope to make sure the RSVP cards are returned to you.

Table cards for your reception. If you have a formal dinner, table cards can help guests quickly find their table and seat.

Rehearsal dinner invitations. Your rehearsal dinner invitations can set the stage for this less formal get-together, and let people know if they are invited (or expected) to attend.

Name tags for your reception or rehearsal. If your friends and family have not met before, it is thoughtful to provide name tags either at the table or for guests to wear. One fun idea is to write a piece of trivia about each guest on their name tag as an icebreaker.

Thank you notes. You should order these early and get extras! You might be surprised how many people you know that will want to wish you and your fiancé well on your new adventure together!

Wedding announcements. Your wedding announcements should be completed, addressed and ready to mail before your wedding day so your Maid of Honor can send them out after the wedding reception.