Choosing the Perfect Wedding Singer

Selecting the right music and wedding singer for your wedding is important. Make sure that you choose a performer that you will love and will entertain your guests. Once you begin your research, you will quickly find that there are all different kinds of wedding singers to choose from. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect singer for your wedding.

1. Word of mouth

This is an excellent way to find any person to do a service for you. When you are finding that you ask around for advice on the right singer to use from others, you will get a great response. Usually people are not afraid to tell the truth about the experience that they have had with a service provider.

If a person has a bad experience they will surely want to make sure that you are not going to have the same problem happen to you. Others will want to boast about the good experience that they have had with someone doing a service for them. This is exactly why asking around for a good wedding singer is such a good idea.

2. Check the phone book for companies or people that provide wedding singers

You may want to get some references on these people so that you are not wasting your time. You can ask them for some past clients and their phone numbers. This way you can speak to people that have hired them in the past and get a good idea of what to expect.

Some people like to have a wedding singer that can sing just about anything. This is a good choice to make when you are having all kinds of different people at your wedding. You will want to make sure that everyone is happy and entertained at your wedding. It is important to make sure that you are getting someone that can get the crowd excited at you wedding.

3. Choose a solo wedding singer or select a band

You will have to make this decision and figure out what you want for your entertainment. You can find great singers at affordable prices. This is the key point, make sure that you can afford whom you are getting for your entertainment and make sure they are worth the price. You do not want to get ripped off when it comes to getting the wedding singer.

4. Choose a friend or a family member for your wedding singer

In most cases, someone will know of a person that can sing well and this would be a great opportunity to have him or her included in your wedding. You may want to have them for the ceremony and then you will only have to worry about getting a band for the wedding reception.

You may also have a band in mind that you would prefer to have for your wedding entertainment. This is a choice that many people go with and it works out well for them. Some people want to have the most entertainment that they can get from their singer and this is the type of fun they want for their wedding reception.

There are some special songs that you may want to have included in your wedding. When you have these special requests, make sure that your wedding singer can sing them ahead of time. There is no sense in having a wedding singer if they do not know the words to the songs that you like the most. You will want to make sure that you are interviewing the wedding singer first to make sure that you are getting exactly what you pay for.

Tips on Organizing Your Wedding

Organizing your own wedding is both a stressful and a fulfilling job. That moment when everything goes the way you plan it to be with all your loved ones present to witness your bond with the person you truly love is such an amazing feeling. But having that dream wedding of yours takes a lot of skill and hard work. There will be a lot of errors to be made and reality prevents everything to be perfect. Though having everything in place and getting your dream wedding is such a tiring job, it is not impossible. Here are the top 10 tips on organizing your wedding.

Number 10. Give a least a minimum of six months to plan your wedding. If possible, plan it for a year if you really want to it to be grand. Giving an ample amount of time to plan for your wedding will help you give it a lot of thought on the little things from where you will have your wedding to the color of the flowers. Rather than rushing to get reservations, you will be the one of the first ones.

Number 9. Establish your budget plan. Having a concrete plan on how much you will spend on your wedding day will make your job easier. Write down a list of estimates on how much you will spend for each aspect of the wedding such as food, wedding video filming, wedding photographers, the tailor made dresses and suits and so on. This will give an idea on which aspect you have to prioritize on dealing with first.

Number 8. Send your wedding invitations early on. Since you are sending them early on to your family and friends, you will eventually get a quick reply whether they are going to go or not. This will help you get a rough estimate on how many people are coming and it will also help them to plan their schedule ahead to attend your wedding.

Number 7. Split the tasks. Although you and your soon to be husband or wife feel that you can do it all on your own, you are not super heroes. Spitting the tasks among your family or friends who are willing to help you plan and organize your wedding will result to less stress and fatigue.

Number 6. Always include your partner in all the decisions. No matter how small it is always decide together. A lot of conflicts arise even just at smallest change which was made. This may result to arguments in which may disrupt the organization process. You may never know that there might be some traditions the family of your partner that they want to include in the ceremony.

Number 5. Make a work schedule or timetable. This is effective not only to organizing weddings and events but also in everyday work matters. Having concrete visual timetable will make you more organized and work effectively on the tasks that you will do for the day.

Number 4. Research. Search on the different sites on the web and in the newspaper on current wedding trends and deals. You will never know any good dress or suit deals not unless you look for them. This technique gives you knowledge on the discount deals, good wedding photographers, the wedding videography company that you will hire and such. It will help you save a lot of cash eventually.

Number 3. Get feedback. And get lots of it. Ask your parents, family, your closest friends, a wedding planner, basically everyone you can easily talk too. Feedback makes you realize which factors are most important and which ones that requires more work.

Number 2. Have some time to relax. Taking your mind off the all the calling, writing down, making lists, designing etc. is a must. Too much stress is unhealthy and if you get down with the flu, the more work and stress that needs to be done in the long run. Keep cool and pamper yourself once in a while.

Number 1. Have fun! It is in reality a big hassle to organize a wedding but never forget that you are planning your happiest moment of your life. Enjoying the process of organizing it is just as important as the day itself. Don’t stress too much, you are already getting married! Have fun and enjoy every single moment that you are doing these tasks.

Tips For Getting Married on a Holiday

Although Valentines Day and New Years Day are the most popular, all holidays are busier than non holidays, so the key is planning. You’ll want to make sure you start the arrangements earlier than you normally would to ensure that locations are available. Since you have chosen to be married on a holiday, keep the theme throughout the wedding and the reception. Listed are some ideas you can use for keeping in the holiday spirit of your wedding day. Superstition says to always start your wedding ceremony on the half hour when the minute hand is moving upward to bring a happy wedding.

New Year’s is formal and a party night. Dress is something sleek, and formal. Have the person who marries you to pronounce you man and wife at the stroke of midnight to ring in the New Year’s with, “You may now kiss the bride.” Instead of the traditional rice throwing, give your guests confetti, and noise makes for when the ceremony is over.

We all know the color of love is red, and Valentine’s Day Wedding theme filled with red, hearts and flowers is sure to be a winner. This is a time when anyone would love bridesmaids in red and a red bouquet for the bride. At the reception, keep it red with hearts and flowers on the tables.

For Christmas, placing a Christmas tree behind the person who is performing your ceremony looks fabulous. The bride could carry poinsettias with tiny pine-cones for her bouquet, and the groom can use small poinsettias or peddles from the poinsettias in their lapel. At the reception, have many Christmas trees, use pine-cones, and pine needles for the center pieces, with red bows tied around the vases.

Tips For Wedding Programs

download (4)Planning a wedding will obviously require tons of careful decisions and organizations so that everything will go according to what is planned. One of crucial things a couple will encounter is deciding on their wedding programs. These wedding stationeries are meant to help the guests follow the event proceedings. Aside from that, wedding programs are one of the keepsakes that couples will more likely cherish and treasure for the years to come.

Wedding programs don’t have to be too elaborate. In fact, they can be as simple as handwritten one-page leaflets. But for couples who opt for custom-ordered bound booklet, they have to look for such online or in a local specialty store.

Ceremony programs basically include several parts of the wedding ceremony: Introduction; Ceremony Proceedings; The Wedding Party and other VIPs; and some acknowledgment to both sets of family, to all the guests, and memorials of deceased relatives.

Under the Introduction is a summary of the basics that includes the bride’s and groom’s full names, wedding date, and location.

It will be followed by the Ceremony proceedings that will serve as step-by-step guide to the flow of the event, from the wedding entourage to recessional. This part can be elaborated with any special custom or tradition that will be included in the ceremony, as well as some special readings and/or poetries.

Last is the list of everything about the wedding party and the wedding VIPs and their relation to the bride and groom. These people usually include both sets of parents, bridesmaids, maid of honor, groomsmen, best man, flower girl(s), ring bearer and of course the officiant of the ceremony. Musicians may also be included on this section.

An optional addition could be a thank-you message for couple’s parents, guests, and memorials of loved ones who passed away.

For many couples who prefer homemade wedding programs, this idea is actually pretty simple and easy. They can easily print out a program template in a nice stationery; there are lots of templates online that can be used for free. When choosing special paper, the could needs to pay attention to the type of paper, as well as its color, design and other details. A wedding program has to fit the theme of the wedding, thus it is very important to put extra effort when making them.

There are lots of trends and ideas for ceremony programs. While some couples opt for programs that highlight the color, theme, and/or season of the wedding, others opt for a more clever and classy idea to style their wedding programs – a stylish and cool way to inform their guests about the event proceedings.

Customized wedding programs, invitations and other wedding-related stationeries can be purchased online. These wedding supplies, however, need to be ordered well in advance because it may take time for them to be finished, as they are more likely in bulk. There are also custom bridal shower invitations and other special cards like place cards and thank you cards that can be customized according to the theme of a wedding.