Money Saving Wedding Tips

For many women, a wedding includes ostentatious and outrageously over-the-top decorations. A woman deserves a wedding that matches their tastes. However, they may not have the budget for such an extravagant wedding. Fortunately, money saving tips exist.

Real vs. Fake Flowers

For starters, in order to save money, you can grow your own flowers. Flowers cost an exorbitant amount of money. According to The Bridal Association of America, an average of $698. With this money saving tip, your cost on this accessory should decrease tremendously. You may also consider fake flowers. They look real enough but cost at least half the price. Use this money saving tip when considering flowers

Find Deals

Also, try to find deals. Deals, for instance, on wedding dresses can be found, that is if you don’t mind a used dress. In order to save money on the wedding, online stores are good destinations for this. On a side note, don’t buy dresses from a wedding store, such as David’s Bridal. By searching at a local Macy’s or JCPenny’s, you can find nice, prim looking dresses for half or maybe a third of the price (or more if you’re lucky).

DIY Invitations

Save money through making your own invitations. This may not be that conducive to you, especially when planning an entire wedding. Believe it though, this money saving tip will reduce the cost. Don’t overdue the wedding invites. You may have spent a lot on them to make them look nice, but this isn’t necessary. A nice, simple invitation works just as well. All you’re doing is announcing the day of your wedding. Don’t get fancy just to do this.

No Weekend Wedding

To reduce cost and save money, get married on a non-conventional day, such as the middle of the week or something. Wedding halls or reception halls charge a lot more for a weekend wedding.

Trim the Guest List

The last tip for saving money on the wedding is to trim the guest list to only those who mean something to you. While having a well-attended wedding might mean something, you will have to pay for either hors d’oeuvres or a full dinner plate for each guest. That adds up.

By far, these money saving tips are not the only ones that exist. There’s more that you can do. Get creative. Your wedding doesn’t have to cost a great amount for it to be a nice wedding.

5 Eco-Friendly Beach Wedding Tips

Breaking away from traditional plans, many men and women these days are choosing to get married at their favorite beach destination. Although the wedding preparation routines are similar, you can still go green for the planet, and the results will have a positive environmental impact.

To go natural, here are the top five eco-friendly beach wedding tips to consider as you plan your destination wedding.

1. Rather than throwing rice or other objects at the bride and groom, why not equip everyone in the bridal party with nontoxic soap in containers so they can blow bubbles at the smiling couple as they walk past? Alternatively, have everyone toss organic bird seed at the newly married couple.

2. In the restrooms, use terry cloth towels and natural soap, or paper towels that have been recycled.

3. For table decorations or for lining the walkway to the altar on the beach, why not use potted plants or flowering plants? After the ceremony, the gets can take the plants back to their rooms to enjoy them. On the other hand, if your guests are flying out the next day, then think about renting the plants. Either way, you’ll be helping the environment.

4. Before the wedding when the bride is deciding on which dress to buy, have her consider a natural fiber dress rather than one made of chemicals and harmful dyes.

5. Plan your wedding reception to be outside on the beach and place recycle bins in the area for guests to use. You’ll be helping the planet by using natural resources like the sun rather than going indoors and using unnecessary air-conditioning, lights, and fans.

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Wedding Tips Help Make Planning Less Stressful

If you are like many women, you’ve had a fairly good idea of what you wanted your wedding to be like since you were a small child. This is actually a good thing, as you will have this in mind when you starting looking for wedding tips on how to make your wedding dreams come true, and for when you start getting tips you did not ask for.

Even though you think you’ve got it all planned out in your head, right down to the last detail, it’s still a good idea to research bridal magazines, bridal websites, and other sources for wedding tips that will help you accomplish your goals. You may be surprised at some of the information you discover.

For example, you may have always pictured yourself in a long white gown with a 100-foot train. When you read how heavy a train of such length can be, however, you may find yourself thinking, “OK, 25, 50 feet will work.” Or, if you are adamant about the length, you may find information on types of fabric that work best with longer trains. You might even learn how to make a long train detachable without spoiling the look of the dress.

If your dream wedding is unfortunately coming up against a real-life budget, look for wedding tips that will tell you how to save money without sacrificing beauty or elegance. These can be as simple as renting some of the decorations or figuring out ways that the same decorations can be used at both the wedding and reception.

Find the Right Wedding Tips From the Right People

There are some people who may not need help in different things but it can be a different story when it comes to a wedding. Weddings are important events so it is essential for them to do their best in putting everything together in order to have a memorable event. This means that they have to find different wedding tips depending on the ideas for wedding that they want to have. The good thing about this is that the brides are not deprived of these tips since they can find these in lots of places. The following are the places or the people that they can ask for these wedding tips.

Mom’s still the best
Although there are some women who may not want to consult their moms but let’s face it, they are the ones who have experience on these things. A lot of times, they have the right ideas for wedding that will suitable for your needs. Because of all their experiences in life, they have already seen everything and have the ability to improvise on the different wedding needs. They will be able to give you tips on how to plan a wedding to save money and even find the best ideas that they need.

Expert article writers online
The good thing about different wedding needs is that they are now available for people online. The good thing about this is that you can always go online and find these experts also writing their very own tips and advices in finding the right products that you can use for your wedding. They have a lot of suggestions and tips on how to save on your wedding needs or maximizing the overall theme of your wedding to have a pleasurable event.

Wedding books
Aside from online articles, there are a number of wedding experts that create a book that will help people find the right things that they should have for their wedding depending on the theme that they have. These experts have been known in the fields either wedding planner or designer that has all the rights to write these tips. You will find out on their books whether they will give tips for weddings in general or focus on their expertise only. This means that if they are expert makers of wedding favors, they can just give tips on how to choose the right favors for their budget or find the ones suitable for their wedding theme.

The good thing about getting these tips is that you can have a lot of tips to choose from and even weigh all the options to buy the perfect wedding needs. Remember that haste is waste so it’s better to look for these experts to have you come up with the right wedding through their tips. This will ensure them of a very memorable wedding that they can cherish forever as they have promised and even don’t really spend a lot of their budget as it is more essential for them save money at this point.